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There are many advantages to a destination wedding; but first and foremost is price and convenience! Weddings can be costly, stressful, demanding and trying. But they don't have to be. Destination weddings offer the wedding party and guests the opportunity to have a real vacation; all while witnessing an extraordinary wedding. All- inclusive means just that; everything is included. From flights, to transfers to and from the resort, all meals and drinks, and all non motorized water sports. Unlike domestic weddings, where after the flight and room is purchased, every meal, every cocktail and all entertainment is additional. Whereas, with all inclusive resorts, the wedding party and guests pay one price, and then enjoy until their heart is content!  This is a most memorable occasion for the couple, and especially their guests. 

Some of the benefits of a destination wedding:

    Cost: Many resorts actually offer a complimentary wedding when certain requirements are met, (7 night stay, upgraded room category, certain number of guests attending), otherwise most wedding packages start at $999. There are options to tailor your wedding exactly to your vision, from butterfly releases, to fireworks, special flowers or lighting, various religious and cultural ceremonies; the possibilities are endless.

    Convenience: We have all had out of town guests that we need to find accommodation for, provide with meals and over all keep entertained. This can be stressful at any time, let alone at the time of your wedding! Whereas at an all inclusive resort, the rooms, meals and entertainment are all included! Everyone gets to join in on the fun! It's almost like you get to go on vacation with your loved ones, and come back married! May excursions are available right from the resort, which you can choose to participate in with your guests...or not. It is all truly up to you. 

    Customization: So you want a wedding on the beach with butterflies released as you say "I do"? Got it. Or a sunrise wedding complete with Mayan Shaman offering blessings for your future? Can do. Do you want to present all of your guests with personalized maracas on a lit up dance floor with your own DJ and bartender? Not a problem! If you can think of it, you can customize your wedding, so even if you are utilizing a wedding package from the resort, you are able to customize it with additions to make your experience truly unique to fit your vision! 

    World Class Dining: The redundant dining of all inclusive's past are just that, a thing of the past. As all inclusive resorts have gained popularity, they have "stepped up their game" because of constant competition, by providing their guests with a truly world class dining experience.

    Safety and Security: The safety and security of guests is paramount to resorts! Some resorts make their guests wear wristbands, and all check you in and out at the guarded gate to ensure the people inside the resort should be inside the resort.